Why Ashmore Wedding Video

Ashmore Wedding Films: a unique experience

At Ashmore, we don’t video weddings – we film them. Our clients seem to agree that an Ashmore Wedding DVD is a unique experience. Check out our testimonials to see for yourself.

Why Ashmore?

  • Discreet, documentary style filming.
  • Broadcast video camera and sound gear approved by the BBC.
  • Guest interviews and personal messages – making your DVD truly ‘different’.
  • Pat personally films all the weddings providing you with peace of mind.
  • We’re not complacent – we treat each wedding as if it was a family member.

Amateur Wedding Video or Ashmore?

Using a friend or family to film and compile your wedding video is a high-risk strategy. Commonly, the video equipment used is consumer standard and the skills of the camcorder operator are usually undeveloped. The result is hours of poor quality wedding video and audio that cannot be recovered through postproduction editing – if they have this kind of facility available. A wedding video organised through Ashmore Productions ensures that your special day will be filmed on broadcast quality cameras by Pat and sensitively edited on state of the art post production video editing equipment.




We are happy to be flexible with the above services, if our customers have different requirements.